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GreenGo BridgeX (GGO-BRIDGEX)

GreenGo BridgeX (GGO-BRIDGEX)


The GreenGo BridgeX (GGO-BRIDGEX) is a quad network bridge interface, intended to connect remote locations to a Green-GO network. By connecting the bridge to a wired internet connection, it is possible to link up to 4 users or sites to the local greengo network.


Providing exceptionally high quality, low latency audio, the BridgeX has numerous uses, not just for remote comms but also for providing a reliable and robust method of bringing remote audio inputs into a production venue.


Paired with the Greengo App, (compatible with Apple devices), remote users can connect from anywhere in the world; or remote users can connect a physical Greengo comms unit. Available to hire from On Comms

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