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Recent Projects

We work on a wide range of events, from live shows to studio broadcasts.

We've provide event comms to lots of events over the years and our customers always receive VIP treatment.

With dry hire, pre-configured and managed systems available, we have a comms solution for every event.

Here are a few examples

Pokemon World Championships

Over 90 GreenGo devices were deployed over 6 stages and 4 production galleries providing "Seamless comms" for the event and broadcast.

A combination of interfaces including analogue and Dante, plus wired desk units, beltpacks and wireless facilitated communication between players, officials, talent, directors and crew.

We provide a managed and fully monitored gigabit fibre network to handle all Dante and Comms traffic.

Two engineers provided by OnComms rigged, configured and managed the comms and networking for this 4 day event in London.


Word Alive

For this mutli-day, live studio broadcast we provided wired director panels, beltpacks and wireless comms as well as the network switching for both the comms and broadcast. 

Our experienced networking and comms engineer rigged and managed the comms system throughout the broadcast, as well as monitoring the network to ensure the team could fully focus on producing the content. 

Red Bull Valorant

Wired and wireless comms with Dante interface for remote comms and a dedicated comms engineer.


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