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Our experience in broadcast engineering has led us to a perfectly curated set of services to facilitate your event or broadcast.

Get in touch to discuss your project and see how we can provide the infrastructure you need to get your team On Comms.

GreenGo Configs

Save time and headaches with a pre-prepared GreenGo config file from Ofilms.

We take your crew list and production requirements and create a ready-to-use GreenGo show file.

Users and Groups created and applied to your packs.  Plus we'll affix labels to the packs so that distributing them on site is a cinch.

GreenGo Engineers

Could your production operate without comms?

With our GreenGo comms engineers you can get everyone OnComms without any hassle.

We'll prepare your config, set up the packs and distribute them to your users.  We'll then keep an eye on the config and make any on site changes.

Our engineers can monitor battery levels for wireless packs, ensuring that they are replaced at appropriate times, so that camera ops and stage managers don't drop off or have to change batteries at inopportune moments.

Event Networks

Managed and Monitored gigabit networks for events.

We provide resilient network infrastructure for audio networks carrying show-critical data such as DANTE and GreenGo comms.

Our networks come with redundancy and resilience built in, with primary and backup links, redundant hardware, tactical fibre and live monitoring.

Broadcast Audio

Broadcast audio comes with its own skills and nuances. 

Our broadcast engineers bring their experience from online and traditional broadcast to deliver seamless audio for your live or studio broadcast.

Temporary Connectivity

As well as intra-site connectivity, we can also provide temporary internet connections from London to Llanelli.

Business-grade, fully managed and uncontended internet access ideal for broadcast or remote comms links.


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