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GreenGo Sports Beltpack (GGO-BPXSP)

GreenGo Sports Beltpack (GGO-BPXSP)


Available to hire from On Comms, the GreenGO Beltpack Sports X has all the features of a standard wired beltpack and is designed to be used in all weathers.


Part of the Green Go digital ethernet comms system it enables the user to communicate directly with other individual team members and with groups. As with all GreenGo units, it also has the standard Program Audio, Announcement and Emergencey channels. Available with Ethercon cable to ensure resilience in live environments the Beltpack X is a portable and easy to use talkback comms unit.


The unit has four weather proof buttons and two rotary encoders making it suitable for both left- and right- handed users, and the display flip function means that it can be flexibly mounted on a belt, tripod, desk or elsewhere in either orientation. The beltpack is powered via Power over Ethernet.

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